Sharks teeth

In 1976, the Georgia legislature made the fossil, sharks teeth the official state fossil. A fairly common fossil on the Georgia coastal plain, the fossilized shark tooth is prized by collectors. These prehistoric shark teeth are found in a range of colors – most common are black or gray, less common are the white, brown, blue, and reddish-brown teeth. Many types of sharks lived in prehistoric Georgia – the oldest teeth date back about 375 million years. One of the largest extinct species of shark tooth was Otodontidae Carcharocles megalodon.

sharks tooth

Otodontidae Carcharocles megalodon

sharks teeth



Although the shark’s cartilaginous skeleton is rarely preserved, its teeth, which are constantly replaced during a shark’s lifetime, are preserved in great quantities.




The sharks teeth are found along the beaches, sand bars, and in and around the kaolin mines.

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