The first gold rush in this country when gold was discovered in Dahlonega  in 1828. Even though the first discovery of gold in this country was in North Carolina some 29 years earlier when a boy found a gold nugget that weighed 17 pounds, the discovery of gold in Georgia is marked as the first gold rush since the land was auctioned off in a lottery after the Cherokee Indians were forcibly removed from the land in what is now known as the Trail of Tears. The lottery winners received a four acre tract of gold bearing land to mine. The town of Auraria, latin for gold, was created at the center of the gold rush but since Dahlonega was the closest seat of political influence, it received a Federal Mint for gold coins. Today, the town of Auraria is a ghost town located in Lumpkin County.


gold 1990s

Gold flakes found near Dahlonega in the 1990’s.

 The dome of the Capital of Georgia is made up 100% of gold from Georgia. They used 20 ounces of gold to gild the dome. At today’s prices, that would be close to $30,000.00 and that is not including the cost of having the gold reduced to the ultra thin gilding used on the dome.


Gold is still found in streams in the north Georgia area where you will find people still using the tools of yesteryear to separate the gold from the sand, the gold pan. People have used placer mining to find gold here in Georgia. Placer is where you collect gravel from streams and old stream beds and you look for miniscule particles of gold that would have washed downstream. Placer mining, sluicing, dredging and panning were the common methods of acquiring gold.

Gold- Au

Atomic number: 79

Hardness: 2.5-3.0

Streak: Shining yellow

Crystal System: Isometric

Luster: Metallic


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